Swimming Pool and Landscaping in Dubai

Swimming pools are far more than just a body of water. A carefully considered pool design contributes to the overall atmosphere of a space, provides opportunities for family and friends to relax, play and gather and it also increases the value of a property both aesthetically and financially.

Our landscape architects / designers will work closely with you to ensure that the pool's design and placement is optimized to create a fantastically unique feature to your home and create a natural flow from inside to out.

The internal layout and finishes of a pool can key into the broader forms, materials and flow of surrounding spaces and help to bring the project together as a whole. Often the largest single investment in a new landscape, it is essential that the swimming pool is given due consideration.

Other considerations when designing a pool include pool lighting, water depths, tiling options, heating, automation solutions etc… The options are endless! Let us assist you to achieve the very best pool solution for you and your family.


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