Swimming Pool in Dubai

Dubai has many swimming pools in hotels, resorts, and marinas apart from backyard of a home or an apartment. To enjoy your visit or stay in Dubai to have a cool breeze under the scorching sun in hot summer seasons or soak up the sun, this will be a perfect choice and the most memorable event in your life.

The focal attraction of the swimming pool is crystal clear blue water waves under the glittering sun that attracts lots of visitors.

Swimming Pool Design

Before initiation of the project, perfect artistic designing concepts that reflect modern and ultra-designs need to be addressed. Therefore, in-depth understanding of the project, meticulous planning, and site survey will indicate towards a right approach with exceptional results during the completion of the project.

Heritage Landscaping & Interiors is a leading swimming pool, landscaping and interior designing company in Dubai. With our widest area of services, the options are endless to beautify and decorate in and around swimming pools with include pool lights, tiling options, heating, landscaping, gardening, etc.

Our Services

Garden Builds & Makeovers

Pergolas & Gazebos

Outdoor Lighting & Irrigation

Planting & Turfing

Water Features & Fountains


Civil Works

Indoor & Outdoor

Paving and Tiling

Swimming Pool Renovation Work

With extensive expertise and knowledge in bringing back the beauty of your swimming pool, Heritage Landscape provides a full range of any repairs or maintenance works required to bring back the pool to life. We take all types of repair works which includes re-tiling, grilles, waterproofing, re-grouting, draining and refilling of water, water disinfection, leak detection if any, etc.

Swimming Pool Maintenance

A Swimming pool requires proper maintenance of services, which is extremely important for hygienic and safety concerns of the swimmers. We will ensure its efficient and economical operations as well as its extended life span. However, special maintenance on a regular basis will make your swimming pool lively and swimmers will enjoy taking a dip in blue water shore. The swimming pool specialists provide specialized maintenance services, which includes:

Brushing the pool walls and floor on regular basis to dislodge any algae

Adding sufficient quantity of chlorine to control bacteria level

Leakage detection and rectification

Regular servicing of the filtration equipment

Regular checking of all equipment (replacement or repairs if they are damage)

Updating old pool lights, fixtures, bearings, etc with latest models and designs

Heritage Landscape & Interiors have wider options of swimming pool designs that can be customized as per your requirements and preferences that enhance our ethics in providing the best pool services for your needs. We have that best team who are highly capable of building your swimming pool that symbolizes uniqueness right from designing to constructing of the swimming. During our entire phase of the project, we carry out necessary tasks that are crucial aspects of this overall project.

Moreover, post-construction of the swimming pool maintenance is should be periodically checked for a healthy and hygienic swimming. No doubt, Heritage Landscape installed necessary equipment and fittings for water disinfection and treatment, but regular maintenance work will keep your swimming pool healthy and hygienic.

Give us an opportunity to achieve the best pool solutions for you and your family to enjoy!

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