Water Features & Fountains

Water features and fountains are a great accent for your patio, garden or indoor spaces. Add a sense of peace and tranquillity to your home. Choose from cascading waterfall designs, indoor floor fountains and many more. Whether you're decorating your living room or garden, water fountains are a great way to accent a space.

Styles range from contemporary to traditional, rustic to Asian and can be an extension of your personal style. Choose from a wide selection of fountains to give your entryway, patio, lawn or garden a dynamic feel and tranquil sound. From freestanding floor, table-top and wall styles to waterfall, lighted and stone finish designs, you're sure to find the right size and features for your home. Quick Tips for using decorative fountains and water fountains are one of the richest features you can add to your home décor because they do so much more than just look great. Camouflage traffic or neighbourhood noise and lead guests toward your home's best views.

Enjoy calm, soothing sounds, lighting effects or add moisture to the air inside your home. Complete the exterior of your home by coordinating outdoor lighting, landscape light fixtures and outdoor wall art with a fountain.


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